Vice-Rector Hitzenberger

Area of Responsibility

The Vice-Rector for Infrastructure has the following responsibilities:

  • estate and building planning
  • infrastructural affairs provided that they are not assigned to any other member of the Rectorate by the rules of procedure, core facilities, matters regarding the VSC and the VBCF
  • occupational health and safety
  • data protection
  • library affairs
  • university sports
  • sustainability
  • personnel matters relating to temporary academic staff and general university staff (excluding matters relating to university professors, tenure track professors and heads of organisational units), head of the Office of the University of Vienna in all matters relating to the general university staff on behalf of the Rector
  • participation in financial and budgetary affairs that exceed the ongoing business operations in accordance with section 22, para. 6 of the 2002 Universities Act
  • coordination of the service sector in cooperation with the Rector and the Office of the Rectorate

The Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs deputises for the Vice-Rector for Infrastructure.