University of Vienna

Performance Agreement

The performance agreement is a contract under public law. It is concluded between the University of Vienna and the Republic of Austria (represented by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) for a three-year period. It forms the basis for the work programme of the University and determines the available budget.

Performance Agreement 2019-2021

The performance agreement for the years 2019 to 2021 was signed in December 2018 between the Republic of Austria and the University of Vienna. The 2018 negotiations were the first ones where a new financing system (based on research and study indicators) was applied. In these negotiations, the University of Vienna was able to achieve an increase of its budget by 17 percent. The University of Vienna now receives a global budget of more than EUR 1,400 million (for the three years of the performance agreement period). The University of Vienna now has the opportunity to make targeted investments over the next years, thus to boost its strategic development and to sharpen its profile both in research and teaching.

While part of the additional financial resources is necessary to ensure continued operations, about EUR 120 million are available for new measures that serve to put the development plan into effect and to achieve the objectives set out in the performance agreement.

As a central step on this path, in November 2018 73 professorships and tenure-track professorships were announced. Additional staff shall further improve the teacher-to-student ratio and shall set a positive and future-oriented impact on research, i.a. in the fields of Data Science and Digital Humanities, Health and Microbiome, Society and Communication, Molecular Biology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Quantum and Materials.

The additional financial resources mean great opportunities, but also entail certain obligations. The necessary steps to increase the number of admitted students who take a certain number of exams, and the implementation of additional admission procedures will be central topics in the implementation of the performance agreement. Resource allocation within the University is effected by means of the target agreements.

Performance agreement 2019-2021 (in German)