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Development Plan

The Development Plan is the university-wide strategic plan that documents the University’s strategic orientation and its major plans for the upcoming years. The Development Plan sets out the guiding principles for the strategic development of the University of Vienna and lists the basic measures which need to be taken.

In preparation for the upcoming performance agreement for the years 2019 to 2021 to be concluded in 2018 with the Federal Ministry of Science, the University has compiled the Development Plan “University of Vienna 2025”.

Upon proposal of the Rectorate – following consent by the Senate – the University Board unanimously approved the Development Plan on 15 December 2017.

Key points of the new Development Plan:

  • The Development Plan defines a dynamically evolving profile in research, describes research strengths and emphasises basic research that is open for possible applications. New research areas and the University’s interdisciplinarity contribute to the attractiveness of the University of Vienna among leading academics and among the best students
  • Horizontal and vertical mobility among students shall be promoted.  Among its students, the University of Vienna strives not only to foster qualifications that are relevant to employment, but also to promote creativity, critical habit of thought and the lifelong desire to expand one’s knowledge and abilities.
  • The University of Vienna will invest in additional professor positions and tenure track positions in highly innovative fields, building bridges within or between its Faculties and/or reinforcing existing research strengths.
  • The Development Plan is based on the new budgeting system for universities in Austria, including the expected rise in the university’s budget

Development Plan: University of Vienna 2025

The next Development Plan, which will extend up to 2027, is currently being compiled in 2020.

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Process of Development Planning