Rector Schütze

Area of Responsibility

The Rector is the official representative of the University. He is chair and spokesperson of the Rectorate and is responsible for coordinating its activities.

The Rector has the following responsibilities:

  • strategic planning (organisation and development planning) and concluding intra-university target agreements with the organisational units of the University in collaboration with the other members of the Rectorate
  • performance agreements with the Federal Minister
  • conclusions based on the results of the institutional quality assurance (follow-up) in coordination with the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs
  • external representation of the University, public relations
  • coordination of the interaction with the University Board, the Senate and the Scientific Advisory Board
  • finances and budget
  • personnel matters
  • authorisations according to section 28, para.1 of the 2002 Universities Act as far as they are not projects according to section 27, para. 2 of the 2002 Universities Act