Manuela Baccarini

Area of Responsibility

The Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs has the following responsibilities:

  • research strategy
  • matters regarding basic research (including the associated conclusions of contracts with funding bodies, such as the Austrian Science Fund FWF and the EU, as well as the associated granting of authorisations according to section 27, para. 2 of the 2002 Universities Act)
  • career development of young academics (including exercising the Rectorate’s competency with regard to the habilitation procedure)
  • doctoral schools; matters relating to doctoral studies (as far as the Rectorate is responsible), including admission to doctoral programmes as well as the area of the combined Master- and PhD studies, in context of the entanglements in the area of the combined Master- and PhD studies, the conceptual development will be done in consultation with the vice-rector for educational affairs
  • international relations (in consultation with the rector)
  • gender equality and diversity
  • institutional quality assurance; conclusions based on the results in coordination with the Rector and the responsible members of the Rectorate
  • national cooperation (in consultation with the Rector)

The Vice-Rector for Digitalisation and Technology Transfer deputises for the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs.