Evaluation of the Organisation Plan

The goal of the evaluation was to ensure that the University of Vienna can continue to guarantee the best possible organisation of research, teaching and services offered. The University Board, Senate and Rectorate agreed on the evaluation of the Organisation Plan. The evaluation took place in close cooperation with the members and comprised two phases:

Phase 1: Internal phase

The first phase was concerned with the collection of the most important data about the existing organisational structure and the data required for identifying the core questions for the subsequent external evaluation.

The internal phase was overseen by external people, comprising Hans Pechar and Gerhard Reber. Data were collected through expert interviews, an online survey and moderated online/group discussions. All relevant reports and opinions are available (for all employees and students of the University of Vienna via the mailbox or the u:net account):

Online forum: Bericht Prof. Pechar (in German)
Stellungnahme des Senats der Universität Wien zum Bericht (in German)
Group discussion:
Abschlussbericht Prof. Reber (in German)

Phase 2: Peer Review

Following the first phase, the collected data, opinions, questions and results were used for an external review (in terms of a peer review). The university management (University Board, Senate and Rectorate) agreed on five internationally renowned experts: Ulrich Gäbler, Anke Hanft, Rolf Krebs, Peter Maassen and Hans Weder.

In spring 2011 the experts received all necessary documents. In March 2011 they made a preliminary site visit to the University of Vienna.

During their main site visit to the University of Vienna from 8 to 10 June 2011, the experts had the chance to talk in depth to more than 30 members of the University of Vienna, the university management and the new Rectorate.

Based on the documents and reports forwarded to the experts and the talks with the university members, the experts submitted their final report including their recommendations on 12 October 2011. The final report from the experts was presented by Professor Gäbler on 26 January 2012 in the course of an information and discussion event that was open to university members.

Expert report:
Final report from the peers (in German)