Ronald Maier

Area of Responsibility

The Vice-Rector for Digitalisation and Knowledge Transfer has the following responsibilities:

  • Digitalisation in research, teaching and administration, in particular
  •   interdepartmental coordination of digitisation projects
  •   expansion of digital services
  •   digital aspects of communication
  •   (further) development of digital processes, including the management information system
  •   further development in the field of e-administration (in particular HR4u:, u:space) in consultation with the responsible members of the Rectorate
  • IT infrastructure and systems, IT security
  • Knowledge and technology transfer, in particular matters regarding translational research and development in cooperation with external partners (including the associated conclusions of contracts and granting of authorisations according to section 27, para. 2 of the 2002 Universities Act); patent issues in cooperation with the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs
  • Library affairs

The Rector deputises for the Vice-Rector for Digitalisation and Knowledge Transfer.